• Introduction


For continuous comfort and long lasting control, prescribe Atopica with confidence.

Confidence in efficacy

  • Atopica is proven to significantly relieve pruritus and reduce skin lesions in dogs2 and cats3-5
  • Atopica specifically targets the immune cells involved in the allergic response
  • Vets rated Atopica as excellent to good in approximately 75% of dogs6 and cats3
  • 89% of pet owners say Atopica® improved their dog’s quality of life7

Confidence in lasting comfort

  • Most pets gain long-term relief with a tapered dose of Atopica – every other day,then twice weekly2,3,6,8

Confidence in a good safety profile

  • Atopica has over 10 years of marketplace safety data1
  • Side effects are generally mild and transient,and do not usually require cessation of treatment

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